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About Traditional Art / Student Emma Kate R.19/Female/United States Groups :icondark-magicalgirls-hq: Dark-MagicalGirls-HQ
Magical girls with a bite
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Old tag
I got tagged by both :iconmana-ghostwolf: and :icondeath-g-reaper: It's been a few months, but better late than never....probably???
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 7 facts about your character.
3. Tag 5 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
Both of them tagged me for my OC Lux, so here it goes:
1) Her full name, Lux Dies,  translates perfectly to Light Day in Latin. ( I learned this thanks to death-g-reaper ^^)
2) Is a complete geek when it comes to anything to do with outer space. She loves learning about the different planets, stars and galaxies.  She usually works in space/star themes into her wardrobe and has numerous documentaries and books in her apartment about anything from the moon landing to how galaxies are formed..
3) Lux has a few insecurities that she tries her best to work with. She is blind in one eye and often gets into troublesome situations due to her distinct lack of depth perception. Which leads into her other ins
:iconlilithsinclair:LilithSinclair 1 5
Chrissy and Vulpix :iconpenguinpyro:penguinpyro 4 2 Moonlight Dan and a Rose :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 180 18 Inspiration Contest - Confined Space Pose Ref :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,158 107 ArtTrade-Menela :iconsquallscorner:SquallsCorner 8 5 Gift-Magical Girls :iconsquallscorner:SquallsCorner 5 0 Siblings :iconsquallscorner:SquallsCorner 8 0 TES Manga: Ch1 Page 5 :iconnitrogoblin:NitroGoblin 46 8 Western Night :iconpreston-kei:Preston-Kei 6 2
Happy 20th anniversary to Pokemon! XDDD
OK, I know I just did a journal entry a few days ago, but I'm just so excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon! :squee: :happybounce: In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to share a picture I have in my collection The Lovecraft Files that just seemed perfect for this happy time and is one of my favorites. It's called "Poe VS Lovecraft Pokémon Battle":

I also uploaded a new picture of me in my Team Rocket outfit holding my newly acquired 20th Anniversary Pikachu as well:

My Team Rocket name is Agent Poe. :D As for my dear Pikachu, he is one shiny and adorable Pokémon. It took me literally 24 hours to come up with a name for him (I admit this while blushing :blush: ). As I was over at a friend's house watching Legend of Zelda Creepypastas (including several on Majora's Mask - CURSE YOU, HAPPY MASK SALESMAN, CURSE YOU!), I've
:iconimpalerqueen:ImpalerQueen 1 0
Melody colored :iconlilithsinclair:LilithSinclair 6 5 Lilith and Melody :iconlilithsinclair:LilithSinclair 12 14 2015 Party Room :iconpreston-kei:Preston-Kei 6 10 Christmas presents :iconpenguinpyro:penguinpyro 6 10 Art Trade-Queen Shapiro :iconsquallscorner:SquallsCorner 12 2 Steampunk Chibis :iconkeokotheshadowfang:keokotheshadowfang 8 13


Pencil sketch of one character
Pencil Drawing
Pencil drawing of one character. 
Color Custom Outfit Design
Pretty much any level of detail, just give me any specifics you want. Genre/setting, color schemes, aesthetic, etc.
Chibi line art
Black and white line art chibi of one character, sizes come in small, medium, and large! ^^
Artist Trading Card
2.5 x 3.5 inch drawing with pens and markers.
For the added price of shipping, I will mail it to you (U.S. only)



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death-g-reaper's Profile Picture
Emma Kate R.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am primarily an illustrator of the comic book variety, but I dabble in just about everything. Also: Give a llama, get a llama! ^^

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Name: Emma Kate
Nickname: President Emma Meow Meow Future Dictator of the World (yes, there are people that call me that), Emma Kitty, EK
Age: 17
Height: 5' 8"
Music Genre: Electro, Indie Rock, French House
Favorite Genre: Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Dark Comedy

I live in Washington where the sun don't shine, also known as the greater Seattle area. I am currently attending community college, but I hope to attend SCAD someday and get a degree in Sequential Arts. I'm a little on the wacky side and if you see anyone racing in rolling drafting tables around the art building, it's probably me and some poor soul I talked into it.

I like magical girls, shounen, 80s pop culture, comic books, and various forms of electronic music. I love old things. In particular, I love old things that are toys or made of paper. I have a large doll collection I take very seriously and please do not bring up the song "Barbie Girl" in my presence.

Also, I have dyscalculia. Spread awareness it exists!


Find me on tumblr! !

O! Hei! I has a webcomic! It is about awesomes.
I got tagged by both :iconsquallscorner: and :iconpenguinpyromaniac: for an oc journal thing.
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 7 facts about your character.
3. Tag 5 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Squallscorner tagged me to do Burma so here we go:
1. Burma can't swim
2. Burma's mother is a textile worker and taught Burma how to knit and how to weave. She can knit pretty well but her weaving is of questionable quality and she's not at all a seamstress.
3. She's a taurus
4. She's currently 28
5. She had selective mutism growing up and still avoids talking whenever she can
6. About 90% of her problems are Slayde's fault yet they still manage to stay on good terms somehow
7. She's really patient even in situations where she really shouldn't be and puts up with way more than she should.

Penguinpyromaniac tagged me to do Death, so here's some Death facts:
1. Death doesn't actually speak English. She doesn't speak any human languages, she speaks in the tongues of angels, which humans generally hear as whatever their first language is. This also applies to dialects and use of slang as well.
2. Death is not a woman. Death uses a traditionally female body when using a human form and doesn't personally care much about what pronouns people refer to her as, but in all reality she is a genderless mass of eyeballs, smoke and wings masquerading as a human. Gender is a weird concept to her. (this can be said of most angels and demons in the universe but some get more attached to the genders they portray themselves as than others, for example, Life is very attached to being female whereas Death is not)
3. Death is very good at adapting to new situations quickly
4. Death has just about 0 personal ambitions or goals outside of just trying to figure out a reason to exist
5. Death finds following most human social customs and protocol tiring
6. Death has the ability to move between shadows, this is one of her only abilities she retained after getting laid off
7. Death hates being the center of attention and isn't a fan of physical contact

I'm gonna tag... uhhh...
:iconlilithsinclair: Lux Dies
:iconnitrogoblin: Swifterly Mays
:iconpreston-kei: Isaac Yakunan
:iconalcube51: Caieta
:iconzetsumeimaru: Fiona

Anyway, as usual with these tag things, you don't have to if you don't want to :]

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